Tango Workshops

Many musicians from around the world and other genres such as jazz or classical, have expressed their wish to familiarize themselves with Tango. But the lack of an international education system and the oral tradition of Tango makes it difficult to approach and to fusion with other music without loosing  its essence.


What is Tango? Which are its origins? How has it evolved? Which are its different styles?  What are its musical rules? How should it be interpreted? And above all. What is the future of this music?


These are some of the questions musicians ask who are not within the world of Tango.


These workshops attempt to bring Tango closer, answering the questions, giving the musician a more detailed idea and offering  the tools needed; so in the future they can interpret, problem free, any piece within the classical Tango repertoire, as well as fusing it with other music by knowing the elements that compose it.


Each workshop will be adapted to the technical and esthetic needs of the majority of participants, considering the instrument and level of each person.


The maximum of active participants should be 20, but it can be unlimited for listening attendees.

Listening attendees can also participate in the Gran Orchestra but to begin with not the small ensembles.


The repertoire and technical needs will be considered for each specific workshop, due to the infinite possibilities that can occur.