Cuacci - Mercadante


Marcelo Mercadante and Juan Esteban Cuacci met in Caracas, became good friends in Cádiz and decided to form a duo in Barcelona to make music from Buenos Aires, the hometown of both men. Marcelo and Juan play their own compositions. Marcelo and Juan make 21stcentury tango. If in the twentieth century tango was a hotchpotch of styles arriving off the boats in the port of Buenos Aires, tango can today be created in any other big city in the world. Such as Barcelona or Madrid, where Marcelo and Juan live, respectively. That said: Buenos Aires always makes an appearance. A city that forms part of Marcelo and Juan’s sentimental and artistic geography. As if they were back in the school playground playing out of pure pleasure and pure enjoyment, these two talented musicians, these two exceptional composers, return again and again to Buenos Aires, to tango, to unleash their desires. The result is a transatlantic project to enjoy on both sides of the ocean.


Trench as a heroic and unavoidable place. Trench as a choice, as fate. At times when the supposed tools of democratisation only served to further homogenise global sound (and taste); at times when globalisation seems to mean that in all big cities we have the same stores, the same colours and the same smells; at a time when regionalism seems confined to stagnation and caricatures, Siempre en la trinchera (Always in the trench) is an album that throws a spanner in the works. With masterful skills directly proportional to the lack of prejudices and ties, Marcelo Mercadante and Juan Esteban Cuacci redefine concepts apparently tied to the past, such as tango, jazz, composition and good taste. Yes, believe it or not, this is - among other things - a tango album. Tango of the 21st century; unprejudiced, cosmopolitan and never eschewing the melodic course, with harmonically complex pieces, but which can be whistled. Come into the trench and listen: welcome to the most wonderful music.


PABLO MARCHETTI | writer & singer S

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